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Vegan shampoo and Vegan hair care is becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays we are increasingly aware of a healthier but above all fairer life. And I am referring to a friendlier life for our planet and the animals that live on it. We are not only more environmentally conscious when we look at our food, but also when we take into account what kind of clothing we wear and what kind of products we use. Nowadays you have a lot of good vegan Shampoos and I want to tell you more about vegan hair care in the upcoming blogs.

What is Vegan Shampoo?

A Vegan Shampoo is a 100% animal friendly shampoo. Because as you probably know, there are many products and ingredients that are unfortunately tested on animals. Fortunately, animal testing is prohibited in the Netherlands, but in China, for example, this is still allowed. One downside is that in the Netherlands the use of animal substances in products is ‘just’ allowed. But more and more brands are taking this into account and many brands are striving for animal-friendly products and ingredients.

Vegan Shampoo: What are the different types of Vegan Shampoo?

If you choose to use an animal-friendly shampoo, it is not the case that everyone can use the same type of shampoo. It is still very important that you choose a shampoo that best suits your hair. You can imagine that if you suffer from dry hair, for example, you will need a different vegan shampoo than if you suffer from oily or heavy hair. That’s why I like to share different kinds of vegan shampoos in this blog so you know for which hair type and wishes you can use which best shampoo for gray hair.

Vegan Shampoo: For dry & dehydrated hair

If you suffer from dry and dehydrated hair, it is wise to use a shampoo that moisturises your hair well. This ensures that extra moisture penetrates into your hair, giving you the chance to look healthy and shiny again. The Vegan Shampoo from Lavera – Shampoo Moisture & Care is not only perfect for dry and dehydrated hair, but also suitable when you suffer from a dry and sensitive scalp.

You may know that the use of a conditioner is especially important for dry and dehydrated hair. In addition to using a suitable Shampoo, it is also advisable to use a conditioner. The Vegan Conditioner Moisture & Care fits very well with the shampoo. It gives your hair a wonderful nurturing and moisturizing boost within 3 minutes.

Vegan Shampoo: For oily hair

If you suffer from oily hair more quickly, it is extra nice to use a Shampoo that has been specially developed for oily hair. If you use a Vegan Shampoo for oily hair which is meant for dry hair, your hair will look as greasy as it was before washing. The Vegan Shampoo will then do little or nothing for your hair and scalp. The Vegan Shampoo Freshness & Balance for oily hair creates a refreshing and deep cleansing effect, without drying out your hair. This shampoo is designed so that you can wash your hair every day. Because as you may have read before, professionals recommend that you don’t wash your hair every day because of the risk of your hair getting dry and your sebaceous glands getting ‘tired’. By that I mean that they will get used to it if you wash your hair every day. And if you don’t do that once, you’ll get greasy hair quicker. But we all know that if you have oily hair, you want to wash your hair every day or even twice a day. With this Vegan Shampoo from Lavera, this is more than responsible. So you can wash your hair!

Vegan Shampoo: For coloured hair

When you have dyed your hair, you want to keep the colour optimal for as long as possible. That’s why there are shampoos developed for coloured hair. There is also a Vegan Shampoo & a Vegan Conditioner for coloured hair. The Vegan Shampoo by Lavera Colour & Shine gives your hair intensive care and has an extra colour protecting factor. This Vegan Shampoo also provides an intense shine. The Lavera Conditioner Colour & Shine also gives your hair an intensive care and helps to maintain your hair color.

Vegan Shampoo: For dry & damaged hair

Earlier I wrote about a shampoo for dry and dehydrated hair. But there is still a difference between dry and damaged hair. Think of hair that has been coloured or decoloured far too often. Also hair that is often in contact with heat sources. Or maybe your hair hasn’t had enough care after a wonderful holiday? Think of swimming in the salt water, then (wet) brushing and drying in the sun. These are all factors that can damage your hair and cause your hair to be extra dry. There is also a good Shampoo for these kinds of problems. The Vegan Shampoo: Repair & Care is your best friend in these situations. Even then it is extra important to use a Vegan Conditioner. The conditioner from Lavera: Repair & Care provides optimal care after using the shampoo and is also 100% animal friendly.

Vegan Shampoo: For extra dry & damaged hair

A 2 in 1 shampoo, very useful for extra dry and damaged hair. This Vegan Shampoo not only restores split ends but also prevents extra split ends. An intensive care. I often like this shampoo extra during and after my holiday. It gives your hair a beautiful shine without weighing your hair down.

The Lavera vegan hair products I mentioned above all have a quality guarantee and comply with various regulations.

Yes, I have recently become a fan of Lavera hair care. Do you have experience with the vegan shampoos from Lavera? Please let us know in a comment under this blog!

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