Thin hair? Then these are recognizable situations for you

Do you have thin or even very thin hair? Then it can often cause frustration if you want to raise your hair once. Or in a braid. Well, actually, a ponytail is often already a challenge. Or a pony? Um… These are 12 things you probably recognize when you have thin hair.

1. Finding the right conditioner is a struggle

Before you find the right shampoo and conditioner for thin hair… You’ve already put quite a few bottles through it. Will this finally become your holy grail?

2. You have to wash it much faster

Or it may have to do with the type of shampoo and conditioner, but you really need to wash more often. If you don’t do this, your thin hair will become greasy so quickly that you won’t be able to get rid of it again.

3. Brushing your hair is done with some… fear

Every hair that takes the brush is one too many. That’s why you prefer not to brush your hair. In any case, it remains…. Hanging between those other bristles, right? A little extra volume…

4. Those nice doughnuts… nope

Those cute hairstyles give your hair a volume boost in one go. Unfortunately, no one told the manufacturers that your hair wouldn’t even fit around them. Those big open pieces? No, leave them in the closet.

5. Braids? Hah hah hah

A braid isn’t your ideal hairstyle either. Your hair is so thin that it quickly changes into a bunch of rat tails. Um… then not.

6. Ponytail? Never mind

A ponytail looks more like a mouse tail. And we’re not even talking about the rubber band that constantly slips out of your hair, even though you’ve really wrapped it around it six times. Deep sigh…

7. Nice, those hair trends…

Ombre hair with layers is totally hip! Nice, but not for you. First of all, layers? With what? And your hair is bleaching and dyeing is certainly not doable, then everything breaks down. We’ll skip that trend for a while…

8. Hairpins and scrunchies

With hairpins, you’ll still have a long way to go, won’t you? Yeah…. Nooo…. Especially if you have style hair, those pins often slip out like this. Then you can play it up so enthusiastically for some more volume, but after an hour you’re untangling those strands of hair and getting rid of all the pins that are lopsided and lopsided. We’ll skip those too.

9. You can wear out hair elastic bands very quickly

When you’ve finally found your favourite shark elastic bands, you can buy new ones almost every month. They wear out so quickly because you have to wrap them around your hair almost ten times.

10. Hair extensions and clip-ins are at the top of your wish list.

But those clip-ins… don’t they pull out the rest of your thin hairs, either? And best clip in hair extensions… what about them? Maybe this is a good idea. Try asking a good craftsman how to do it without losing your hair.

11. Thin hair and curls? No rain

Absolutely. None. Rain. When it rains, you look like an emaciated drowned cat. You’ll only have a date then… And oh yes, when it dries up again, it looks most like a bunch of straw that has been covered with electricity.

12. Always hair care in the bag

Luckily, you always have mini’s of your favorite hair products in your bag, so you can save a bit in case of an emergency.

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