That’s how you dye your own hair! The best tips & tricks

You want to dye your hair in a different colour, but the hairdresser is so expensive! Why don’t you do it yourself? It sounds much scarier than it is. We’ve collected the best tips and tricks so you can colour your hair yourself!

What Kind Of Paint?

First think about what kind of hair dye you want. Permanent paint that doesn’t fade very much and will grow out, a rinse that is fairly permanent but after an X-number of times of dyeing more and more faded (your outgrowth is less noticeable, especially if the color does not deviate extremely from your own hair color), or do you want a rinse that can be washed out quickly?

So Many Brands!

Once you have made your choice, you can go to the drugstore. There are many different brands. Depending on what you are looking for in hair dye you can choose from: L’oreal, Guhl, Schwarzkopf and Garnier. Most brands often have sub-names; L’oreal Casting Call, L’oreal Excellence Crème, etcetera. If you can’t figure it out, get advice from a shop assistant. They can help you choose the right kind of hair dye.

What Colour?

You have chosen your brand. Now for the right colour! Don’t be fooled by the pictures on the packaging. Your hair doesn’t necessarily become the colour of the models. When making your choice, pay special attention to the colours on the back of the package. Here you can see what colour your hair will become if you have blond, light brown or dark hair at the moment. The effect can be very different, depending on your current colour!

Dark Or Light Hair?

If you have dark hair, and want it darker, avoid the warm brown tones with a hint of red through them. These coppery colours will be emphasized. But if you have blonde hair now, you should choose a brown colour with red tones, otherwise your hair may turn green. In this case, first ask the hairdresser for advice before you get started.

If you want to make your hair lighter, choose the ash/shadow colours. The possible undertones that you don’t want anymore will not stand out anymore.

How To Create A Natural Hair Color

Beautiful, natural hair color? Buy two colours and mix them together. This will create a beautiful, natural colour. The hairdresser does that with regular hair dye as well. They mix a few colors together, giving you beautiful highlights and color differences.

Do you want to try this? Then choose a colour that is slightly lighter than your own hair colour and a box of hair dye that is slightly darker than your own hair colour. Apply the dark colour to your hair root and a little bit from your crown. Also add a little light paint to your hair roots, as a kind of overlap. Then dye the lower part of your hair with the light dye. Now you get the beautiful, natural effect of the hairdresser!

Step By Step

Follow the instructions step by step. Often you have to mix the paint colour yourself and shake it well. This is all explained in the step-by-step plan you get with your hair dye.

1. Always start by dyeing the hair root and work towards the ends. Spread the dye well over all your hair. If necessary, add a comb, so that the paint is evenly distributed. Massage the paint with your fingers also works well.

2. Pay close attention to the application time in the instructions for use. Don’t let the hair dye soak in for too long; that’s not good for your hair. Do not do it too short, because then the color may turn out differently!

3. When the time is up, first wet your hair a little and let the hair dye lather up a little. Then rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water. Afterwards, you can wash the hair with a mild shampoo or with the included cream rinse (depending on the brand of hair dye).


4. Put on an old shirt. The paint stains don’t come out of your clothes! A towel over your shoulders can also catch the worst stains.

5. Lubricate your forehead, ears and neck with Vaseline. This prevents the paint from adhering quickly to your skin. If you do spill accidentally, remove it as soon as possible with a cotton pad and cleansing milk, otherwise the paint will penetrate your skin and you will be walking around with spots for days.

6. If you have dyed your hair in a dark colour, put a towel on your pillow the first night or use an old pillowcase. Your hair can give off some more, so you can get stains on your pillow.

7. Don’t wash your hair just before you start colouring it. There must be a natural layer of grease on your skin to protect your skin from the harmful substances of the hair dye. Wash your hair the night before or in the morning and then dye it in the evening.

What do you think? Are you going to dye your hair yourself or are you going to leave it to the hairdresser?

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