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Sound Meter review

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Katrina Menary

Sound Meter review

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Are you looking for a device that will give you an estimate of exactly how loud your surroundings are? 

The sound meter is a device that has come in handy for people who need to have sound volumes controlled for different reasons. You can reduce the migraines and still produce excellent music even without access to your hardware all the time.

The functionality of this tool is so good that you can overlook the few inconveniencing ads. After all, you can always control them by switching off the data.

Interface 4/5

The first thing you see when you launch Sound Meter is the speedometer-like gauge that gives you the current reading, a figure readout below it and, most importantly, a graph that displays Sound Pressure Levels in the past few seconds. 

You get all the setting and calibration options right on the home tab, and you don’t have to struggle to navigate through multiple tabs to calibrate your microphone or customize the appearance. Even though the calibration and customization options still work, I’ll admit you get all you need right there on the initial screen.

Features 4/5

As a substitute for a dedicated decibel meter, the Sound Meter still does a great job at giving you a glimpse at how loud something might be. Even though you will have trouble calibrating your microphone if you don’t have another SPL meter nearby, I still find it useful and easy to read.

The features, which are the heart and soul of the app, are the integration to the microphone, the decibel gauge, minimum, average and maximum dB readings, and the graph showing what the noise levels are. This is basically all you need in most of the use cases. 

I used the Sound Meter to gauge the performance of my speakers across a sound frequency range, and I still got a graph that was close to what I obtained when using a real SPL meter.

Usability 5/5

This device shows the decibel values by measuring environmental noise and displaying the measured values in a variety of ways. This smart sound meter app makes it possible for you to experience tidy graphic design with high efficiency. It allows users to check the sound of their surroundings intermittently, immediately or even for extended periods. This makes it possible to keep things under control especially, for people who may have health issues related to sound. The app is meant to track noise levels based on the microphone’s input.

Compatibility 3/5

It is compatible with all Android devices of version 2.3 and up. This makes it convenient to use with all sound devices you may have. So there is no need to get a sound meter for every device you own. Apart from that, you need a functioning microphone in order for this app to actually work.


If you are the person that wants to keep track of loud sounds from stubborn neighbors, then this is the app that will help you justify calling the police. If you live in a neighborhood that is too noisy, then you can finally take control of things. It can also come in handy for people that are trying to soundproof their rooms.

The entire app is free, with a few ads that should not keep you from enjoying the great benefits of using it.

If you finally feel that you need to keep tabs on the noise and volume around you, then installing this app is an absolute must. 


  • Easy to use
  • One permission only
  • Low storage requirement
  • Accurate results
  • Free


  • The app is only as good as your device’s microphone

Interface 4

Features 4

Usability 5

Compatibility 3

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