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Jitsi Meet
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Jitsi Meet review

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Molly Johnson

Jitsi Meet review

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Jitsi Meet is a platform for video calls. You may use it on your Pc or phone with no registration or accounts. Just copy a link and start a call with your friends or colleagues. Jitsi has a lot of exciting features, and the developers add new ones almost all the time.

Create a meeting in one minute

When you open Jitsi, you will see a button that allows you to create a meeting. It will ask your name to make the call management easier. If you work from PC, you may use Jutsi in your browser or download a program. There is also an app for your smartphone. So, only one click, and you have a link to invite other participants.

A person gets a link, and he or she can already join the meeting. But, if your friend uses his phone, he needs to have an app. With PC, there're no such issues. The link is unique, so no one without it can enter the Jitsi room. However, if you want to provide the highest safety level, you may set a password.

Jitsi Meet features

Jitsi has a standard video call interface. During the meeting, you can mute or unmute your microphone and camera. Besides, you can share your screen. This feature has several modes: sharing all the screen, just browser, or only one tab in the browser. You can also see only the person who is speaking or all participants.

Not so far ago, Jitsi added a possibility to start a live stream on Youtube. After you start a meeting, you can turn on this with one button. In addition, the recording is also available. If someone wants to send a message, there is a chat. In case your friend wants to say something, but he doesn't want to interrupt the conversations, there is an option that allows raising a hand.

Is it safe?

Jitsi Meet is considered to be one of the safest apps for video calls and meetings. It's all because you don't need to create an account and leave your personal information. So, no one can find and use it. Besides, it isn't easy to join the call if the person doesn't have a link. That means no swindlers can take part in your meeting.


Jitsi Meet is not the first app for video calls and probably not the best one. However, I recommend it because it is very simple and free. If you need to create a meeting fast, Jitsi is an excellent variant. This service is safe and convenient for everyone. Besides, many new features appear, and I think this application will become even better through time.


  • Easy to use
  • You don't need to register
  • Free for everyone
  • Safe meetings.


  • Has fewer features than other video calls applications.

Interface 5

Features 4

Usability 4

Compatibility 5

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