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Hello Neighbor
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Hello Neighbor review

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Molly Johnson

Hello Neighbor review

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Hello Neighbor is the most popular survival horror game for Android devices. Released in 2017 by Dynamic Pixels studio, the game continues to expand the number of players. The secret of its popularity may be explained by addictive gameplay or by a guilty pleasure to sneak into someone’s creepy house and came back unharmed. But there are more hidden treasures in the game.

Hello Neighbor was originally created for the Windows platform, so the Android version does not reveal the whole greatness of graphics. And yet, the bright colors and attention to small details make the whole scenery somewhat believable. The neighbor himself looks weird but not scary from the first sight. It is possible that only you can see his true creepy nature and secrets he hides.

This is a first-person survival horror simulator that can’t let you go until you reveal all the dark mysteries of the house. Breaking into this house, you leave all your real-life problems behind listening only to the steps behind your back. The game requires an Android system of 7.0 and higher.

Gameplay - 5/5

Hello Neighbor steps out from all the survival horror first-person simulators with its creative gameplay. Even Granny will look plain to you, comparing to this masterpiece. Hello Neighbor is like a play with 3 Acts, and you are the main character in it. Basically, you are the leading hero, a boy named Nicky Roth, the modern Sherlock Holmes, who has to uncover the truth.

The 1st Act starts with you breaking into a neighbor’s house. You have to throw the stone into the window, and while Mr. Peterson (the neighbor) is distracted, jump into the house. Your main goal is to get into the basement, where you suspect something bad is going on.

After you got caught by the neighbor, the 2nd Act begins. You have to get out and find out the history of the Peterson family by searching his house. Your main goal is to see the truth. Prepare to solve numerous puzzles on your way. The 3rd Act begins with the grown-up Nicky, chased by spooky memories of neighbor’s house.

Controls - 4/5

The game is easy to control by swiping both sides to rotate the character. You can actually take different objects by tapping on them. You need to have fast reactions since you are playing against AI, who reacts to every step you do. The highly sensitive navigation does not help in it, as your quick moves can send you to another position at the room or reveal your hiding spot.

Lasting Appeal - 4/5

The game has a linear plot. Once you have done with one Act, you will be sent to another. The tasks are challenging, so it is unlikely you will easily succeed in your tasks from the beginning.

Difficulty level

Hello Neighbor is not an easy task for newcomers. You have to learn the game mechanics before you actually be able to deceive an AI. Some tasks may seem obscure at the beginning.


Hello Neighbor can brag with its outstanding gameplay and sophisticated hidden sense which will be revealed to you step by step. Once you get closer to the finale, all the pieces of the puzzle will take their places. Are you ready to face the truth?

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 4

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 4

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