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Hangouts Meet review

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Katrina Menary

Hangouts Meet review

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Google Meet is a video meeting platform that meets business needs and provides easy secure access. This is a service for business communications. Consists of Meet (for group video communication) and Chat (for creating group chats). Works on any mobile platform.

Interface design

The Meet home screen displays scheduled meetings, along with details such as time, location, topic, attendees, and more. You can also arrange an urgent meeting without scheduling an entire event. You can join the conversation in one click. Google Meet introduces a Tiled View (Mosaic) that lets you see up to 16 video conference participants on a single screen. The developers have updated this template so that users can see other attendees, even while viewing the presentation. In the updated UI, when showing a presentation, slides take up most of the screen, and the most active participants are displayed in the sidebar or at the bottom.


The app includes several features for quick access to calls, such as the ability to create links to connect to conversations and integration with Gmail and Google Calendar for G Suite users. If you've been added to a meeting, you can connect by clicking on an event in Google Calendar.

With the paid version of G Suite Enterprise, you have a mobile number that you can use to join the conference even if you don't have an Internet connection. With synchronization with Google services, you can connect to the conference by phone number and no need to install it.

Security Features

Hangouts Meet has encrypted communications and proactive security and privacy controls. Google Meet security controls are turned on as soon as you download the app. Google Meet uses many anti-abuse tools to keep your meetings safe. These include measures to prevent theft of web meetings and dialing numbers. Besides, Google Meet is implementing several features to help educational institutions keep meetings secure and improve the distance learning experience for teachers and students.

Worth Using?

Google Meet is a business-oriented version of the Google Hangouts platform that is suitable for a company of any size and allows video conferencing, remote interviews, webinars, virtual training, remote interviews.


  • Synchronization with contacts in Google account
  • You can now call in one click. You can join either through a browser or through an Android or iOS app
  • Screen sharing to provide documents, spreadsheets, or presentations
  • Encrypted calls between all users.


  • Questionable interface.

Interface 4

Features 5

Usability 5

Compatibility 4

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