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Guitar Tuner Free - GuitarTuna review

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Molly Johnson

Guitar Tuner Free - GuitarTuna review

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GuitarTuna is a popular guitar processor. The utility allows you to emulate the sound of amplifiers, effects, and cabinets. The program will help replace the expensive professional equipment that modern guitarists use. The application is compatible with the Windows operating system (32/64 bit). The utility requires Windows XP or later. The interface language of the GuitarTuna program is English.

Interface design

The program interface is designed in the style of "minimalism". The main window displays the electric guitar and strings. Users can double click on each string, after which a new window will open with a choice of guitar tuning type. The interface of the application gives off a fighter control panel, but this impression is deceiving: it is very simple to work with it. You simply select a note, the application listens to the sound of the string itself, and when it is correct, the screen glows green. The setup takes just a few minutes.


The program is intuitive for everyone, and if you used a guitar tuner before installing this software product, then consider that you are on your toes with GuitarTuna. Connect a microphone or guitar (electric guitar) pickup to the mic input (or line if you are using a preamp) on your sound card. In this case, its mixer must be rebuilt appropriately, that is, the input used must be active.

Using the corresponding tuner buttons, you can start tuning your guitar. The name of the note (in the digital system) corresponding to the current string tuning will be displayed in the central part of the device. The gauge needle (assuming the Needle gauge setting is selected) indicates the deviation from the "ideal" test signal of the displayed note.

Having received the required note on the display (for example, G when tuning the third string), it is necessary to ensure that the needle of the device shows "zero". Zero means the string is fully tuned. Of course, there is no need to control which note is displayed on the screen, the guitarist's hearing should not be belittled, and fine-tuning according to the device can simply help and greatly make life easier, for example, when adjusting the scale.

Security Features

It is one of the best mobile applications of its kind, used by millions of people around the world, from beginners to professional musicians, because its security is organized at a high level. The developers promise to use manual fine-tuning or turn on automatic mode, which will do everything for you. All in all, this is a great music app for training your ear for music, tuning and learning to play the guitar.

Worth Using?

Probably the most famous app that every string ripper has tried. With GuitarTuna, you can tune both acoustic and electric guitars, and of different types - from bass to ukulele. The application includes the tuner itself, the metronome, the chord library, as well as, as a bonus, games that allow you to learn them. The tuner supports tuning, so if you need to lower the sound a half step or tone lower, you can easily do it.

The app contains a whole library of preset tunings, including even 12-string tunings. The metronome is available in both automatic and manual modes: the tempo can be tapped on the screen with your fingers. In addition to the guitar, you can also tune other strings using the app, such as a violin or cello.


  • Easy to tune your guitar
  • Doesn’t require the internet
  • There are chords and a metronome
  • Understandable interface.


  • Annoying adds.

Interface 4

Features 5

Usability 5

Compatibility 4

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