Grand Theft Auto V

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Grand Theft Auto V review

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Molly Johnson

Grand Theft Auto V review

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GTA V is the fifth installment of the most famous and scandalous successful games in the series in the chronicle of video games. Every gamer knows what this game is and always happy to play it.


The plotline is based in the flourishing resort town of Los Santos (renamed Los Angeles).  The story will be told from the perspective of three characters, and not from one as before. The first one, Trevor, makes the game much more fun with his madness, and it's impossible to imagine the game plot without him. The writers professionally split the plot into parts, extracting their plot from each character separately and smoothly connecting their common plotline, which gradually leads us to the classic "GTA" plot, gangster showdowns, robberies, drug trafficking, and the like.

Trevor leaves but afterward considers his friends to be dead. They part for ten whole years. After ten years, Michael again returns to dirty deeds, and already, in fact, meets Franklin. They commit a bank robbery, and Trevor, sitting in his village, recognizes the handwriting of an old, supposedly deceased friend. This is how the story of GTA 5 begins. Everything is pleased no worse than in the Hollywood movie, and three main characters make the game more interesting.


The release of Grand Theft Auto 5 is quite successful and highly optimized. GTA 5 owners impressed players with very modest hardware and amazing gameplay. The possibilities for fine-tuning the graphics are truly amazing. Models and textures of people, animals, cars, and more are also decently detailed. Facial animation and drawing of the whole face and facial expressions are also great. There are also clear, dynamic shadows. The fifth part parted with the lousiest lack of graphics from the past games in the series.


The PC version has become even better and beautiful, and this is the main advantage over the console ones. Shadows, textures, quality of details, and drawing distance - that's what we were working on. Also, the PC will receive an exclusive FPS and a bunch of all sorts of minor fixes, such as animals, some NPS, weapons, cars, and more. Most of the keyboard layout can be edited, which means that you can assign a command to the key that you feel most comfortable pressing.

The only exception is menu navigation: here, control is mostly done with the arrow keys and WASD (forward, left, back, and right, respectively), LMB / Enter is responsible for selecting a menu item, and RMB / Backspace / Esc is an exit. The Esc key also acts as a Back / Exit key in other menus and interfaces, such as the fruit phone.

Replay Value

The most distinctive feature of the game is that the player can control almost all transport, up to forklifts, port cranes, submarines and cargo planes, and more. Therefore, you are unlikely to ever get tired of playing GTA 5, because new adventures are always waiting. In short, GTA 5 can be called a hybrid of TPS shooter, racing, and sports and not only simulators. In free exploration mode, consider a huge sandbox with a bunch of mini-games: golf, yoga, tennis, street racing, shooting range, entertainment for adults, etc.

The Bottom Line

GTA 5 is the most successful game in the series. Graphics, gameplay, realism, scale, and quality of elaboration of the city, even the plot has become more interesting. GTA 5 is, in fact, a collection of the best ideas of the series, supported and strengthened by new technical capabilities of modern consoles and personal computers.



  • Mind-blowing freedom of action
  • In GTA Online, you can do everything that is in the offline version of the game
  • About a thousand missions
  • Modernized graphics.


  • Don’t know, really… violence, probably?

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5

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