Buying gray hair dye? You have to pay attention to this!

Granny Hair is still all over the place. You only have to look around you at work, at the station or on a terrace and you will undoubtedly see a beauty with grey hair. Then, of course, it becomes tempting to take a grey hair colour as well.

In that case there are two things you can do:

  • Visit the hairdresser.
  • Buy gray hair dye and get on with it.

Do you want to work with grey hair dye yourself but don’t have a hairdresser’s background or experience dyeing your hair? Then we really recommend that you read this blog. This way you won’t be surprised after you’ve bought grey hair dye!

In any case, we recommend that you go to the hairdresser’s anyway. But if you really want to try it yourself, at least go through the information below. This way you are well prepared when you are going to apply gray hair dye.

What grey hair colour do I need?

There are a lot of different shades of grey inside grey hair dye, varying from pink grey to deep blue and metallic. So before you start buying grey hair colouring, it’s good to know what shade you want in the end.

Below you’ll find an overview of commonly used terms to indicate gray tones.

  • Metal Grey Hair
  • Silver Grey Hair
  • Ice Grey / Blonde
  • Granny Grey
  • Lavender Grey Hair
  • Rose Grey Hair

Enter the terms above on Google. You’ll get an idea of what the grey shade stands for.

Basically, you get the best results with gray hair dye when you apply it to blond or blonde hair. You could also use the colours Metal Grey Hair and Granny Grey at colour heights 5, 6 and 7. But this only gives a grey glow and not the full colour you might expect.


If you’re not a blonde of your own, that could mean that you have to blonde your hair. This creates 2 challenges.

First, the condition of your hair deteriorates. Not only will your hair look dry, but the gray hair dye will also be more difficult to hold. Blondering usually damages your hair cuticles, making them no longer close properly. The result is that the grey molecules disappear from your hair more quickly.

Secondly, when you light up, you often have to deal with unwanted yellow and orange tones. You can read more about this in our blog ‘Help! I have an orange glow in my hair’. But to get beautiful grey hair, you first have to neutralize these colors and thus mattify the surface. Only then will your desired grey colour come into its own.

How to actually blond your hair is unfortunately a process that we can’t explain very well via a blog. If you don’t have the knowledge yourself, we advise you to go to the hairdresser.

How long will grey hair dye stay on?

Not for long. There, we said it. The molecules of a grey colour are small if you compare them to other colour molecules. That means that they are easier to get into your hair, but they are just as easy to get out.

We can’t say how long it will stay in place, because it depends on the surface (of course blonde or blonde), the chosen hair dye (permanent or semi-permanent) and the conditions in which your hair is located (dry air, lots of sun).

In order to keep your grey hair colour beautiful for as long as possible, we always advise you to use a silver shampoo after colouring. This type of shampoo contains blue and/or purple molecules that neutralize warm tones so that the cool effect of gray hair dye is guaranteed.


We would like to emphasise the following. If you are not experienced in dyeing your hair, we recommend that you do not buy gray hair dye and use it. If you do have experience, you can use this blog as an inspiration or kind of manual.

Of course, the final grey hair colour depends on the surface and the process of blonde + dyeing. So we can’t guarantee that.

Do you have any questions about gray hair dye, do you have your own experiences or do you have any good additions to this blog? Share them in the comments!

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