Videochat Apps: Tips for Better Chatting

Apps for video chat communication are getting more popular each day as we’re getting used to the restrictions brought about by coronavirus. Yet, staring at each other through the screen isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. Find out how to make communication in videochat apps a more enjoyable experience with our tips!

Zoom Video Chat Tips

Zoom offers a wide range of tools to spice up your conversations or simply spare your effort.
If you feel about not looking your absolute best 24/7, the built-in beauty filter will be a welcome bonus for you. The feature can be enabled by ticking the Touch Up My Appearance box in the Video Settings menu. What it does is essentially soften the picture, smoothing out imperfections.

For those who don’t really feel like their appearance needs any improvement but still want to add variation to the impression they make, Zoom gives you the ability to change your background. This can be accessed from the Settings menu, using the Virtual Background tool. There’s a selection of ready-made pictures to appear against, or you can upload a custom one to best suit your mood.

Finally, people who like to multitask but find it embarrassing to be heard eating, talking, or otherwise going about their daily life while chatting might appreciate the quick microphone control. Zoom enables you to turn your microphone off and then hold your space bar to enable it whenever you want to be heard.

Skype Video Chat How Tos


Some people don’t want others to see their mess in the background. With Skype, you can blur whatever is behind you by clicking/tapping the camera icon and switching on the Blur My Background Option.

The desktop version also provides for video messages, a more forgiving version of the real-time video chat mode where you have to stay tuned all the time. Just click the three dots in the messaging menu and select Send Video Message. Duration is limited to 3 minutes.

Skype may help you overcome language barriers, too. The program features a built-in translator that converts your speech into one of about 60 languages live. This can be accessed from the Tools/Options/General menu.

FaceTime How to Video Chat Recommendations


FaceTime enables you to use custom cartoon-style avatars known as Memoji, or Animoji if animated. These can also replace your actual face during a call, mirroring your facial expressions as you talk. You can access the avatars you’ve created with the star Effects button while chatting.

The same button also offers a whole range of stickers and filters. You can keep them throughout the call or disable whenever you want, which is a great way to grab the attention of whoever you’re speaking to.


Apps with video chat features can be a lot of fun if you know how to use them. Be sure to explore the not-so-obvious opportunities of Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or whatever app you rely on to stay in touch with your friends and family!