Skype Meet Now How Tos

Now that meeting in real life has become a luxury for many teams, the question of zoom vs skype for business as the perfect remote communication tool is causing each app to add new features for even greater user experience. Skype’s Meet Now enables you to share the application with people who aren’t registered, users! Let’s see how it works.

Skype for Business Meet Now or Skype Meet Now?

It’s the latter. Meet Now is not part of a paid service pack for corporate use. Rather, it’s a free feature designed for everyone from those willing to see their friends and family to professional that need to contact their colleagues asap.

How to Create a Meeting

Effective Skype users can set up a conference space by entering their accounts using either the desktop or mobile version of the Skype app. There’s a Meet Now button in the top left corner above the contacts area and next to New Chat. What you do is click it, and a link will be generated for you to share. Multiple sharing tools are supported, including e-mail.

How to Join a Call

The best thing about Meet Now is that it doesn’t require the people you want to talk to have/use a registered Skype account or download an application onto their device unless they want to. Non-users will have Skype for Web clients opened for them in their browsers. The only pre-requisite for joining a call as a guest is typing in your name.

Authorized Skype users can sing into their accounts and use whatever version of the program they have to join Meet Now like a regular group call.

What Does a Meet Now Call Look Like

Calls made using Skype Meet Now are pretty much like standard group chats. When you join a conference in this manner, you’ll be able to share the link, which is timeless. A call recording option is available, too, with a screen shortcut.
A text chat will still be available during the call. Apart from this, you’ll be able to see the participants active.

Meet Now can be used for audio or video calls depending on your preferences. You can mute and unmute your microphone and manipulate your camera anytime.

Media sharing is also possible with this feature. Plus, the recording of a call will be stored for 30 days.

Some customization is available with Meet Now, too. You can use the Edit menu on the chat header to rename the conversation or add an attention-grabbing profile picture.

What’s Not So Good about Meet Up?

The new feature sounds like a great opportunity for those who need a little spontaneity in their lives. Yet, there’s a major catch to it. Skype Meet Up will only work as advertised for those with PCs/tablets, while mobile users will still need to download a Skype app in order to be able to join a call.


Skype Meet Up is a free Skype feature that enables you to invite people who don’t have the app installed for a group call as long as they aren’t using their phones. Mobile users can join, too, but only from the Skype app. We still believe it’s a welcome feature that makes Skype an even better Zoom alternative.