Secret Google Chrome Features You Actually Need

Google Chrome is N1 in the browser game right now. And this leading position is well-earned. There’s a cornucopia of features you can enjoy: Incognito mode, G-suite integration, YouTube, Dark Mode, and so on. But many Chrome’s useful features are still slept on. We present you 7 cool lifehacks you can do with Chrome browser.


1. Incognito +

Incognito mode is often used to hide away traces. Especially those that lead to content inappropriate during the work hours. However, there’s more you can squeeze out of this secretive function.

Incognito mode doesn’t allow websites to collect info on you: cookies, GPS location, Google search requests, and so forth. In other words, if you’re a privacy-worried netizen or you just don’t want to see a swarm of targeted ads, consider doing your entire surfing under Incognito.

But the mode can offer more. Another scenario: you need to use Gmail, Yahoo or iCloud mail often. Or any other online service that requires log-in & password duo. You can do it the old-fashioned way and log in/log out every time.

Or you can make things easier and open the said service in Incognito mode. First, all other users who logged in before you will be automatically logged out. Second, upon finishing your work you can just close the Incognito window — you’ll get an instant log-out and no traces in the browser history whatsoever!

2. Password Control

Google Chrome Password Manager picture

Password managers are quite useful. They let you log in to multiple accounts at once. Plus they offer extra security measures — including biometric authentication — so no passwords or sensitive data can be fished out.

Google Chrome has an integrated password manager. It allows you to save your credentials to make logging in more painless. Plus, it will alert you if any of your passwords have been compromised. There’s a special companion web service for that.

3. Guest Mode

This feature is like a sandbox or a kids zone in a mall. But only it’s virtual and instead of kids, it keeps under strict control your grown up friends and colleagues. Who asked to use your laptop for a minute.

Guest mode basically mimics Incognito. The only difference is that its security parameters are super tightened:

  • Cookies are disabled by default;
  • Browser history is inaccessible permanently;
  • Accounts and profiles that require a password are blocked.

Guests have no power over the browser whatsoever. The only tweakable parameter is the change of the search engine. But since there aren’t a lot of alternatives except for DuckDuckGo or Yahoo, you don’t have to worry about your personal Chrome getting vandalized.

4. Tricks with Tabs

Google Chrome picture

Sadly, tabs can ruin your entire Chrome sessions. There’s just so many of them sometimes, that browser can barely handle the load before collapsing. So, what to do with the clutter or a tab closed by mistake?


You can reorganize Chrome tabs and put them in a preferable order. Simply click & drag a tab to place it where you want. You can even drag it to launch another browser window. Also, a group of tabs can be transported too: press Shift, select the tabs and do the dragging.


The power of shortcuts will save you some mouse-clicks:

  • To switch between open windows press Ctrl + Tab on Windows or Command + Tab on Mac.
  • To select a tab press Ctrl + the number of a tab: Ctrl+1 etc. On Mac, it’s Cmd + a tab number.

Reopening Tabs

This feature will save you a lot of nerves if you close a wrong tab by misclicking:

  1. Right-click on the top of Chrome right to the last open tab and choose Reopen Closed Tab. Or just hit this shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + T.
  2. If there’s more than one closed tab go to the browser’s history and open Recently Closed.


You might be working on super important research. There will be a gazillion of open tabs and each one of them is very valuable for your work. So, what to do? You can save them for later! Hit Ctrl + Shift + D and all the open tabs will be instantly bookmarked.


Omnibox is a universal helper that takes web-surfing to another level. But there’s one little trick with it that will help you keep all tabs in sight. Enter any keywords related to a tab in question inside the Omnibox and it will scan them to find what you need.

Stay Noiseless

And finally another cool trick. Every tab can be muted if you please so. Simply right-click on a tab and select Mute This Website. It’s especially useful if you like watching YouTube during work hours. Or if there’s a video-commercial buzzing somewhere in the background.

5. Plugins

Google Chrome can turn into an army Swiss knife of productivity. All you need to do is find the right plugins that will make your daily work easier. Just go to the Google Webstore and keep browsing until something you like pops up.

For example, if you work with text a lot, Clipboard History Pro, Selection Highlighter or Note Anywhere will do a good service. If downloading videos or capturing the screen is a priority right now then you might enjoy Video Downloader Plus, Nimbus or Awesome Screenshot.

Additionally, these extensions can check your grammar (Grammarly), secure your privacy with email encryption (FlowCrypt) and even entertain you (Meow the Cat Pet). What’s even cooler, hundreds of them are free of charge.

6. Copy Only Text

Sometimes you copy text from a Chrome page only to find later that its HTML address tag also got copied. To avoid wasting time on editing text, use this shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+V. Now, you will copy and paste just text without any unnecessary web elements.

7. Timer

A little-known power trick, this may be handy when you what to cook something. Visit the Google’s main page and type in the search bar the following command: Set a timer for X minutes/hours. Google will begin a countdown. Or if you’re into working out or desire to test your lung capacity type in Start a stopwatch

Chrome to the Wise

Hopefully, you’ve learned something useful from our guide. There will be more cool tricks for tech-savvy users later. Do you know any other power tricks for Chrome? What are you favorite extensions? Let us know in the comments!