New WhatsApp Features That Will Make You Say Wow!

One of the recent novelties that WhatsApp has received is the Dark Mode. From now on your chatting experience will be elegant thanks to the nocturnal tonality. However, there’s more new stuff coming. After testing a number of new features for almost a year now, Facebook is preparing to roll them out. And here’s 10 new features to expect to see in WhatsApp soon!

1. WhatsApp Will Guard Your Secrets

Facebook has finally decided to do what Snapchat, Telegram and Signal have done years ago. We are talking about self-destructing messages. As we have learned, it will work like this:

  1. You type a message.
  2. Then set the timer for how long it stays after being read.
  3. Send it.

After the recipient opens the chat and reads it, the self-destruction timer begins ticking. The feature is surely praiseworthy. If you have to transfer some sensitive info related to business, WhatsApp will help you avoid the threat of corporate espionage.

Additionally, you can set the time for messages that are already sent. So, if for some reason you want to delete the entire text conversation for both sides — this can be done. And there will be no deleted mark like the one that delete for everyone option leaves. 

Regular users will also appreciate that their private life will be protected from snoopy intruders even more. The new function will be somewhat similar to the WhatsApp stories that disappear in 24 hours after being posted.

2. Device Synchronization

WhatsApp picture 1

Right now you can access your WhatsApp profile from a single gadget only. You can also get the web/desktop app to use it from your computer. But there are two nuances: a) You must be logged in on your smartphone b) Windows 7 desktop app doesn’t work anymore.

As we’ve learned, the WhatsApp team has been working on synchronization. That means, you’ll be able to use the same account on more than one smartphone or tablet. Which is a good thing of course, since you won’t have to go through a painful procedure of finding all WhatsApp contacts if your phone number has been changed.

3. Darkness All Around

Hands down, Dark Mode has been an uproar of the last year and a half. You can see it in browsers, mobile apps, websites and operating systems. WhatsApp keeps up with a trend. Now, the Dark Theme is available for the app as well as Desktop and Web versions.

The Dark Mode also seems to synchronize quite well. Once enabled on any of  three versions, it seems to offer smooth darkness permanently. On both PC and mobile.

4. No Unwanted Group Chats

Another previously tested security feature will see the light soon. Now, you can protect your privacy from suspicious or unwanted group chats. It’s called Group Privacy Settings and allows you to choose which contacts can add you to a WhatsApp conference.

As a memo states, now WhatsApp replaces ‘Nobody’ with ‘My contacts except’ filter. This way, you can manually select which contacts can invite you to join a group convo. Be it family members or work colleagues — it’s your call.

5. Hiding Muted Statuses

WhatsApp picture 2

Some contacts are sure annoying. You can see them constantly updating their statuses about weather, mood, work, etc. So, WhatsApp to the rescue! Thanks to a new function, contacts whose numbers you’ve muted before, won’t distract you with status changes anymore.

To make it happen, you will just need to tap the button Hide. This button is located at the top of the muted contact’s status area. But in case you want to reverse that, tap the Show button. Visibility will be instantly restored.

6. Last Seen 

This is another feature that privacy-worried users will like. At the moment, WhatsApp allows you to regulate the Last Seen status with three parameters: Only Me, Contacts, Everyone. But soon a fourth option will be added: Last Seen For Select Friends.

That is, if there are some users who don’t need to know when you were online for the last time — the app will cover your back. And as usual, you can revert it anytime you want.

7. Face Recognition for Android

These days, gadgets and apps are oriented towards biometrics more and more. Android users can already protect their WhatsApp chats with the fingerprint scan lock. But face recognition is still available only for Apple users so far. It’s called Face ID.

So, to even the score, the WA team plans to add Face Unlock function for the Android adepts as well. WhatsApp will use the front-facing camera to scan your lovely features. This will let users tighten security even more and leave the shameless intruders disappointed.

8. Ok, Boomerang

If you’re a fan of short, looping videos then you’re in luck. The upcoming Boomerang feature will let you capture, loop and share one-second videos. As the WA team states, at first, this feature will be available for iOS users only. But if testing goes well, Androiders will get it in no time.

It’s been stated that a video edited with Boomerang can be as long as 7 seconds. After it’s finished, it can be either sent to your contacts as a message or attached to the Status.

9. Quick & Powerful Search

Advanced Search feature will allow you to find photos, links, videos, GIFs and audios more efficiently. As well as specific text messages. Moreover, it will remember your last few searches to save time. Do not confuse the Advanced Search with the already existing search Image though.

10. Native Browser

Another upcoming feature is the WhatsApp’s own in-built browser. You already can watch YouTube videos inside the app. Apparently, the same will be available for web pages. Actually, the feature has already been field-tested. But so far it remains disabled.

Besides, the in-app browser will take care of your security: it will be able to identify dangerous links. Upon running into such a website, WhatsApp will warn you about inappropriate content, virus threat or other malicious stuff.

What’s up With WhatsApp Now?

These impressive features are still going through the testing phase. The Dark Mode turned out fine, as we can see. Hopefully, other promising functions won’t be any worse. Are you satisfied with the WhatsApp updates? What could this app implement as well? Let us know in the comments!