How to Remove Apps from Google Chrome

Google Chrome offers you a lot of useful features, and that list includes the ability to install various apps right in the browser. These apps can be downloaded from the official Chrome Web Store – but you are free to download them directly from a developer's site, if you wish. And Chrome itself has a couple of pre-installed apps, including other Google products such as YouTube or Gmail. All in all, some apps always operate in the background, whether you aware of that fact or not.

While that seems like a normal thing for a modern browser, many users grow dissatisfied with these apps and that constant data exchange that's going on. And if you don't like any of the apps you have installed, you can delete it in a few easy steps. So let's see how these apps work – and what you will need to do in order to remove them once and for all. This method is similar for both Mac and PC, so it doesn't matter which operating system your computer uses.

Installed Apps

Nowadays, many popular browsers have built-in apps, and they usually allow you to install some of them, too. You can find a whole galaxy of different apps online – almost every aspect of modern life has its own app or even a variety of them. Google Chrome is not an exception in this sense. It gives you a selection of Google apps, including Google Drive and YouTube, but you can always add some other apps to the list.

These apps don't seem to cause any trouble. If you don't use them, they simply remain inactive, and their memory usage is minimal. However, when there are just too many of them, it can be beneficial to get rid of at least some of them. This will make your Chrome's app menu look tidier, and you will be able to access useful apps easier. But some users don't even know there's an option to delete obsolete or unwanted apps from their browser.

Removing Apps

However, you can easily remove any apps you don't need, and their data will be removed from your browser automatically. It doesn't matter which operating system you have, so this method is literally universal for every setup. All you need to do is to access the Chrome apps menu. First, open Google Chrome on your computer. Then, type 'chrome://apps' into your search box, just don't include these quotes. Now, press 'Enter' or 'Return' on your keyboard.

Your Chrome app menu will open, showing you the list of your installed apps. This list can be used to run your apps or get information about them, but we'll need another option. Right-click on an app to open the options menu. Now, select 'Remove from Chrome...' and wait for another window to get loaded. Google Chrome will ask you to confirm your action. If you really want to delete the app you have chosen, click on 'Remove' to delete the app and all of its data forever.

The Result

This simple procedure allows you to remove any app that you don't need in your browser anymore, but be sure to save your important data beforehand – or you won't be able to restore it later. You can also use this method to report any app you don't like. However, be wary that this procedure does not allow you to delete multiple apps at once, so you have to remove them one by one. So it's better not to hoard unused apps in the first place.

The reviewed method may not be the only one you can use to remove your Chrome apps, but it sure is the simplest one. However, if you know some other way of deleting an app from your browser, or you just have anything to add to this procedure, be sure to leave a comment. Your opinion may save somebody else a lot of time, and sharing the article can spread that information even further. So feel free to add other options an advanced user can check out.