Android Nitro: How to Make Your Phone Work Faster?

Sadly, Android gadgets tend to lose operational speed over time. Why does a phone turn from an Olympic runner into a tortoise? There are various reasons: junk files, older OS version, etc. Some brands equip their newer gizmos with features that prevent their RAM from slowing down. But what can you do if you have an old smartphone? 

1. Say goodbye to useless apps

So, your phone has been a loyal friend for two or three years. During that time, you might’ve installed a whole gazillion of apps. Games, taxi aggregators, photo beautifying tools, messengers… The list can go on for miles. But you never cared about uninstalling those apps that you don’t need anymore. Right?

If yes, then you’ve made a fatal mistake. The unused apps have turned into parasites. They work in the background mode. They consume your phone’s energy and RAM. They get updates and spend megabytes you pay for on updates.


  • Go to Settings. 
  • Tap Apps & Notifications.
  • Select See All Apps.
  • Go through the list and delete those you don’t need/like anymore.

2. Cache rules everything

Clearing cache is the same as erasing junk files. Regularly, this procedure makes apps go faster. But in the long run, it impacts the whole Android system. Cache contains compressed images, web logs, scripts and other data. And later, this data turns into garbage. 


  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Storage (or App Manager).
  • Tap Other Apps.
  • Pick an app.
  • Tap its listing, then Clear cache.

3. Taking out garbage files

Quite probably, your mobile storage is cluttered. You’ve been sending and receiving images, audios, downloading videos, and so on. All this stuff actually takes a good portion of the phone’s memory. So to restore some operational speed, you must clean out that file dumpster.

Solution: Create a backup folder with mobile files on your PC or cloud storage. Go through your Gallery, Audio, Videos, Documents, etc. Or you may access DCIM folder, which gives you an overview of all the files stored on your device. Selected unimportant stuff and delete it.

Note: Don’t forget that WhatsApp creates copies of the media you receive. They get stored on your phone and can be accessed either through Settings and Data & Storage Usage of the app. Or you can delete them manually from DCIM, Gallery or WhatsApp dialogue chats.

4. No speed boosters

Google Play is crawling with apps that promise to increase your phone’s speed. They guarantee they’ll erase unused applications, take out junk files for you and liberate storage from temp. data. 

However, they won’t give your phone a race car engine. Instead, they can even become a dead weight that’ll sabotage its productivity. The trick is that they run in the background regime non-stop. Consuming a good deal of RAM.

Solution: Ignore speed-boosters on Google Play. Even if they have high ratings and ecstatic comments.

5. Hard reset

The last method you want to use is a hard reset. It restores your device’s system to its initial and ‘pure’ state. Just as it was when you first bought it. But be warned: all useful apps and files will also be irretrievably terminated.


  • Back up all important media.
  • Turn off your phone.
  • Make sure your phone is 100% charged.
  • Press Volume Up/Down + Power key at the same time.
  • Use Volume Down and select Factory Reset.
  • Press Power key to activate it.    

Note: The hard reset algorithm may differ, depending on your device. Check user’s manual.

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Do you know any other lifehack that can boost a smartphone’s speed? Let us know in the comments!