5 Best Team Chat Apps to Get in 2020

Having an all-round software solution that enables you to set up a chat for teams in a way that best suits their needs has never been so important. Find out about five best team chat apps to rely on this year and why they are so good.

Top Team Chat Software

Corporate communication is all about clarity and convenience. How quickly you can convey your ideas and how much effort you need to put into it is what defines a good group chat app. The ability to streamline your workflow due to smooth, time-saving communication was our key criterion in picking up the best team chat software.


Hangouts is a Google-owned meeting platform that provides for effortless multi-channel communication. It has a highly intuitive interface that makes initiating and joining calls a breeze. One-on-one and group options are both available with HD audio quality.
The app is supported on a range of platforms such as Android, Mac, iOS, and web. Subscription fees are relatively affordable.
All in all, this is a simple yet powerful conferencing tool with file exchange features included.


Slack is famous for its instant messaging tool. The communication takes place in a channeled space that consists of a variety of channels. These can be private or public, shared with other organizations for cooperation, or multi-workspace (the latter is a premium option). Channel management is both complex and highly intuitive.
There’s a dedicated Slack App Directory that contains Slack-friendly apps.


Ryver is a multi-platform task management and team chat software that offers good quality audio and video (screen sharing included) as well as file sharing and a lot of automation options. The aim is to make your workflow as smooth as possible.
What makes Ryver so efficient is intuitive task assignment and management with easy-to-use tags and checklists. Subscription fees are higher than average, but so is the degree of automation.


Rocket.Chat stands out among other teams group chat software because it’s an open-source app. It also has a flexible subscription policy, offering individual premium for a set amount per month or corporate packages, priced on request.
Apart from audio/video conferencing and text messaging, the app boasts real-time translation and the ability to notify someone in a group chat that you want their attention.


ProofHub is an Android/iOS/web/Windows project-based team communication app that provides for time-efficient task management. It also enables one-on-one and group chat as well as dedicated project discussions. Individual mentions are supported, making it easier to grab a person’s attention in a group chat.

Summing It Up

Whether it’s a team voice chat app that you’re looking for or a task management tool, a combination of intuitive interface and quality exchange is always welcome. This will add clarity to your work communication, saving your time and, possibly, money.