10 Google Maps Tips and Tricks for Getting Most Out of It

Google has given us so much to be grateful for and so much to use. But do we actually use the gifts from Google to its real potential? Not really. Google Maps, for instance, has a number of tricks that very few people know of. Let's find out.

1. Save Your Favorite Places

Destinations such as Home or Work should be saved on your Maps for quick and instant access. All you have to do is tap on the three lines on the top-left corner and choose Your Places. Add in the addresses you want and save them accordingly so you don't always have to type in your home or work address and wait for Google to find the route.

2. Save Your Favorite Destinations

Whether you're a regular at the local burger joint or you visit your grandmum on the way back from college or work every day, save your most visited places so you can always find the best and fastest route. You can save the locations as you please and add them to Your Places for instant access no matter where you are.

3. Find Your Friends Even Faster

Google is always trying to make things easier for us and Google Maps is just one of those ways. You can use the app to find your friends or contacts easily. Just hit the search button and enter a name from your contact list. If their address information is provided, Google Maps will instantly provide you location details.

4. Provide Accurate Locations

When you make plans with friends or family and share a location through Google Maps, it can often turn out to be crowded or some sort of miscommunication could take place. With Google Maps, if you press and hold your location, a pin is dropped at the exact spot at which you are standing. You can then share that information with others.

5. Find What You Need Around You

Out in a new city? Looking for something different to eat? With Google Maps, all your questions are answered instantly. Just tap on Explore Nearby and you will get options for restaurants, bars, hotels, train stations, bus stations, and so much more. Tap on what you want and get detailed information, including ratings for the services around you.

6. Plan Ahead

As mentioned above, you can find anything around you with the Explore Nearby feature. But there's more as if you change the current time to Evening, you will get options such as a Play & See section that gives you information for the latest movies, music, museums, and theatres around you.

7. Get Access To Different Modes Of Transport

With Google Maps, you get more than just Maps and routes. You can even get public transportation on the go such as Uber. Simply book an Uber through the app and get all the required information for it. The train symbol is used for public transportation such as busses or trains. You can even choose the walking symbol for short distances.

8. One Stop And Go

With Google Maps, you can add a single stop at the closest gas stations, grocery stores, ATM outlets, restaurants, and more. This will help you perfectly estimate your leaving time as well as your arrival time. All you have to do is tap and choose any of the pictured destinations on your route to recalculate the time.

9. No Pinching Required

Oddly, with Google Maps, you don't have to pinch to zoom into a map. All you do is tap once to move the map in whichever direction you choose or drag it to wherever you like. To zoom in and out of a certain area, you need to tap twice and then hold. So simple.

10. Go Offline And Find Your Way

We rely on the internet way too much. That is why Google Maps offers you a unique offline mode that helps you find your way in a new place and without an internet connection. All you have to do is search for the place you're headed to, locate it, and then get the map. Once geted, simply tap the three lines and head to Offline Areas. All your saved locations will be available there.