Windows 10 Will Show New Features in Settings

It’s always noticeable when your PC requires some time before shutting down to install some updates. But what exactly does this update bring? With the updated Settings app, the innovations will be highlighted in a special section.

The Settings app is to receive a new section soon to display the new features. By the moment we write this, it is disabled in any present build, either public or insider. The trick is that it can be enabled right now by modifying SettingsHandlers.dll. The link will appear at the bottom of the menu section in Settings.

windows 10 settings

The innovation was first noticed by Albacore (@thebookisclosed), who shared the discovery on Twitter. It looks like a paradox that the section that helps people to discover new features itself needs to be discovered. But after you activate it, everything gets clearer.

The new section is named simply “What’s New.” You can find it under Update & Security in the Settings app. In it, you’ll find both the names of the newly added features and brief guides on them. It may be more important than it seems because Windows 10 has become too familiar to many of its users. It’s hard for new features that lie away from those you use the most to catch your eye.