WhatsApp Declares War on Viral COVID-19 Fakes and Other Scam

While in other times, misinformation can lead you to some losses, under the COVID-19 outbreak it can be lethal – for yourself or for those close to you. WhatsApp has always been among the best environments for these rumors. But it doesn’t want to tolerate it anymore. 

The most popular messaging and VoIP service of the world joins the battle that’s already being fought by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media. But while the aforementioned do their best to block misleading posts, WhatsApp will focus on private messages that can be even more dangerous. It takes measures to block the spread of viral messages sent in bulk, limiting their number for users.

whatsapp limitation during covid-19

The limitation restricts the forwarding of the messages received by users. Not that it’s the first attempt, but while the initial limit of 20 chats has already decreased to 5, now it goes harder. If the message is recognized as viral by the AI, you’ll only be able to send it to one user a day. Not that forwarding will be banned completely, but you’ll have to manually repeat the procedure for every contact you want to share it with. It will be harder to send memes or your own photos and videos to multiple recipients, but it’s not the harshest limitation we endure under the quarantine.