Safari Updated for Users to Control Cookie Policy

It has become commonplace for third-party companies to collect data through users’ browsers. Cross-platform ones like Firefox and Chrome used to have special extensions to block their modules. Now, Safari has this feature as well.

As John Wilander announced yesterday, on March 24 in his blog on the WebKit site, the updated Safari will completely block third-party cookies generated by trackers on websites. This means that it will be much harder to track Safari users’ online activity (unless you are Apple). Webkit is the engine that powers many browsers today, including Safari.

The update featuring Intelligent Tracking Prevention affects both OS X and iOS versions of the browser. It will be active by default. With the updated version, you’ll be protected from curious companies keeping an eye on your behavior. It’s a logical step after implementing features like Sign in with Apple and other antitracking innovations.

To get the updated Safari on iOS, you only need to update your OS to the latest version 13.4. On Macs, the browser gets a separate update named Safari 13.3. Apple has declared its intention to share the results of this experience to help other developers implement the same security updates on their browsers.