Microsoft Teams Down While People Worldwide Work Remotely

Microsoft Teams presented in 2016 is a collaboration software (video conferencing, chats, file sharing, and collaboration in numerous applications and programs), and the main competitor of Slack, pauses works currently.

This fact can prevent many people from working in their usual mode, as they are used to communicating due to the given software. Due to the spread of coronavirus and quarantine measures in a range of countries, many people have been transferred to remote work. Countries are closing borders, the US Federal Reserve has lowered interest rates, and governments are trying to protect their populations. They ask people to stay home and go out only in case of an emergency.

In general, disabling Microsoft Teams is very untimely and confusing. The representatives of the company said that they are investigating the problem. This case is the second in the history of this software.

Microsoft Team shutdown many months after the software giant forgot to renew the TLS certificate (HTTPS), which takes the service offline. At that time the users were not able to communicate with colleagues for several hours.