Microsoft Brings Mobile Apps to Desktop Right from the Phone

Though now Microsoft has officially given up its Windows Phone OS, the idea of integrating desktop and mobile experience is still alive and inspiring. Instead of its own OS, Microsoft now builds a bridge between the current mobile giants and its own desktop hegemon – Windows 10. And the app used for that, named Your Phone, now is in the process of getting a new feature of screen mirroring.

So if you feel at more ease with keyboard and mouse for, say, typing large portions of text, but you have to do it in a mobile app, you can just work with it remotely. Launch the app on your phone via Your Phone app, and you’ll use your PC as a remote terminal.

Of course, there’s no real Android emulator in Windows (despite some rumors). The apps are launched in their native environment, both hardware and software, right on your phone. The PC is just a remote control device. But sometimes it’s just what you need. Besides that, you can take phone screenshots on the PC, exchange files, and probably enjoy more features of integration.

To use this mode, your PC should have an onboard Bluetooth LE module, so few laptops and desktops can benefit from this. For example, Surface Go is the only Surface device to support it, and it’s the line produced by Microsoft itself. But probably that’s the beginning of a new industrial standard.

So far the feature is under beta testing. It’s only available for Windows Insiders, and it requires a phone from a short list, including only Samsung Galaxy S8/S9 and the Plus versions. Probably later more devices will be covered.