iOS 14 Will Bring the Updated “Find My” App with New Features

The “Find My” app has its abrupt name for a reason. Now it stands for the two apps iOS used to offer, named “Find My Phone” and “Find My Friends.” With it, you can see your friends’ location (if they allow this) and find your missing or lost iOS device. The most astonishing feature was searching even for a disconnected phone or tablet.

But in the next update, it gets even cooler. The new features have been rumored for long, and the early build analyzed by 9to5 Mac specialists confirms some of those. For example, you can get notified if you appointed a meeting at a certain place, but the other person isn’t getting there in time. It will also notify you about them leaving the spot before you arrive, so you can contact them and assure you’re arriving. So far, the app only notifies you when they’re already there.

find my ios 14

Another innovation likely to appear in iOS 14 is AR-based. With it, you’ll be able to see a more precise map to see your missing, lost, or stolen device. It will literally show you the location on the screen of your current device in your AR headset. Probably it will lead you with AR-powered balloons that lead you the way to the device – like characters in some games are led.

It will also be able to work with AirTags – little round markers for small or mobile items. But these are only to be revealed, probably along with the next iPhones. We’re already looking forward to seeing them; are you?