Apple and Google Join Forces to Trace COVID-19 with a Mobile App

It takes a very special occasion to drive Apple and Google to work on a project together. COVID-19 outbreak is just that type. Together they develop an app that will show its users whether they have contacted anyone with confirmed COVID-19.

For starters, they create the API for health institutions to integrate with their existing apps. Then the joint team will develop the user app that handles the database and tracks their activity. This app will be installed voluntarily; but we suppose most of those concerned about health will do that.

It’s supposed to work like this. First, people install the app and launch it. The app generates identifiers and exchanges them with the people around who also have this app. The history of contacts is stored. If any of your contacts later proves positive and confirms it in the app, all the people who have contacted them close enough for the last 14 days (the incubation period) will get notified and instructed.

Not revealing any personal data, the app alerts those at risk what they should do. This approach should lead to more efficient testing. The app can be later used locally or (hope never) globally for the same purpose if another outbreak happens.