Five Best iPhone Keylogger Apps in 2020

There are many real life scenarios where tracking someone is indispensable, and keyloggers are immensely useful apps that can help you keep an eye on your target—kids, employees, etc. Keyloggers can record and store any key a person strikes on a device such as a smartphone. These useful programs can also help you find out personal data such as login names and passwords, pins, URLs typed and notes, etc. Every keystroke related entry is recorded in a log file that you can examine anytime. From the security perspective, keyloggers are very important because they offer clarity about your target’s activities and help you make the right decision.

Earlier, keyloggers were only used for desktops, but now smartphones are technically more powerful. As people spend more time using them, keyloggers for smartphones, especially for iPhones, can now monitor mobile activity. Not all keyloggers are equal; some may steal your critical data or download malwares on your iPhone. It is really tough to choose from many keyloggers apps. But you won’t have to worry as we have reviewed the top iPhone keyloggers for you to fulfill all your monitoring needs:


Spyic app screenshot

Spyic is a multi-purpose and sophisticated keylogger that you can install in a flash. This capable app is trusted by more than a million users in 190+ countries. It supports all the latest iPads and iPhones, and anybody can easily set it up without technological knowledge. This keylogger has the ability to capture anything like login credentials from email, notes, video app, social media, MS Office, etc. It is completely undetectable, and you don’t even need to root or jailbreak the target iPhone. This paid application has other features such as location tracking, geo-fencing, and much more.

Spyic Installation in few steps:

  1. Create a free Spyic account on its official website;
  2. Select and buy a Spyic monthly subscription based on your requirements;
  3. Follow the setup instructions to get the app running without giving any physical access to the target device;
  4. After the app is installed, you can access the dashboard with features like keylogging on the selection panel on the left side.


Cocospy app screenshot

This reliable iPhone app comes with a plethora of useful features. Not only will it capture all the critical data from the target iPhone, it can also fetch iMessages, location, call log, etc. There is no need to download this non-jailbreak solution, and all you need are the iCloud credentials of the device. You don’t need to be an IT guru to use the user-friendly platform of Cocospy. This remarkable app works remotely, and since you are not installing it on the target phone, the app works undetected. It can also bypass the iOS antivirus scanner.  

Easy to set up:

  1. Register yourself on the Cocospy website. Choose the Apple icon to see the available plans in the next step;
  2. After you select the plan and make the payment, you will get a confirmation email with all the instructions and receipt;
  3. Once confirmed, login to your Cocospy account and enter the iCloud credentials of the target phone. Good news, it will not harm the battery of the target’s device;
  4.  Once you select the device, the app’s cloud will synchronize with iCloud;
  5. Once it is done, you can access the dashboard with all features on the left side.


While many keylogging apps can only support the latest iOS versions, many folks still stick to their old iPhones. Which is why we could not resist but add Guestspy on our list as a good option for old iPhone models. While the app will help you track messages, call logs, and record calls, it does not support devices later than iPhone 5C. To install the app, users will have to jailbreak the iPhone and use Cydia utility to download it on the target device. The app offers lower prices as compared to high-end apps, and you can expect freedom of duration for all packages, i.e. yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, and monthly. This app will also let you see the pictures of the targeted iPhone remotely.


This top monitoring solution has all the features to let you monitor your targeted iPhones—picture logs, text messages, call details, browser surfing history, video logs, etc. While it captures keystrokes, users will have access to view the deleted content log too, making it harder for your employee, spouse or kid to cover up. With its parental control software, parents (or any other user) can restrict the targeted user’s internet activity.

It’s no-jailbreak solution works independently of the SIM card; all you need to have is the Apple ID and Password, and app’s monthly subscription to start using it. Users will log into the Mobistealth website and access the dashboard to see all the tracked activity. Mobistealth supports iPhone, Mac, Android and Windows devices. With a significant number of features for discreet spying, the only con is that it comes at a steep price.  


This keylogger app will help the users to monitor and deliver whatever the iPhone activity is. It works perfectly in stealth mode and records online activities, contacts, calls, media files, and much more. However, to install this app, users will need a physical address of the target iPhone. But they will be able to make remote modifications once it is downloaded and you have entered account credentials. This remarkable monitoring app will work even if the users are far away from the targeted device; they can use a PC with an internet connection to track someone’s daily whereabouts. MaxxSpy is among the most powerful spying apps with a super-easy set-up process. There is only one major con—its packages cost a bit higher than other apps with better features.

The Final Verdict

If you are looking to follow someone’s activity, whether for security reasons or to monitor their productivity in the office or to keep a check on your kids through their iPhones, these top keylogger apps have numerous advanced features to help you do that. These apps are simple to use and work in stealth mode.

If you still have questions about the apps, you can ask in the comments section or try the official websites. Do let us know which app in our list successfully took care of all your monitoring needs. You can also help other people looking for some top-notch iPhone keyloggers by sharing this article.