Best Password Managers for iPhone


ewallet app screenshot

Keep your passwords, credit card details, important personal data and bank account details secured with E-wallet, an efficient password manager app that is specially designed for iOS devices. Loaded with some great features including Dropbox integration, auto locking, Touch identification, and many more essential features, it comes with a customizable design and interface, is user-friendly and is among the top password manager apps available. Utilizing 256-bit encryption, Ewallet ensures your data is 100% safe and secure. 


1password app screenshot

 Free to get and install on any iPhone or iPad device, the 1Password app is among the most professional and high-quality password manager apps that comes with a ton of great features. Utilizing 256-bit encryption it supports iCloud and Dropbox and also comes with a unique Touch identification feature and allows users to store an unlimited number of passwords. Create versatile passwords for every website you visit with this handy, secure 1Password application that ensures you will not have any trouble. 1Password also features a desktop application that syncs all files and folders present on your iPhone and iPad directly onto your desktop browser. 


msecure app screenshot

Store your personal information, bank details, passport details, and important passwords and registration codes safe and secure with the mSecure app. This app uses 256-bit encryption and ensures your data is highly secured. Offering optimal protection it also provides users with a variety of beneficial features. These features include an auto-locking function, a unique password generator for when you are unable to choose the safest password, Dropbox and iCloud integration, an inbuilt browsing tool, as well as a handy automatic backup feature that keeps your data safe. Overall, the mSecure app is a one-stop, complete solution to keeping your important information secured.


LastPass app screenshot

LastPass is an automatic password manager that comes with three various categories that allow you to segregate your important information. This app automatically organizes your input and breaks it down into websites, secured notes and form fill. It also comes with a unique password generator tool and utilizes AES 256 bit encryption as well as supports touch identification. The form filling function is super handy as the app automatically inputs your information into forms that need filling without you having to type out anything. This information stays safe and secured in its server. 


Enpass app screenshot

Store all credit card details, pin numbers, passwords, passport information and other essential personal data on the Enpass app for free. The app comes with an inbuilt browser that enables you to automatically fill out forms on various websites without typing of copy-pasting any information. The app also includes a desktop version that allows users to sync all information via iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and many more. The touch identification feature adds to its ease of use and convenience, while the AES 256 bit encryption keeps the app protected and secured. 


passwordWallet app screenshot

With PasswordWallet users can enjoy seamless logins into various websites. By simply creating a unique login card, it can be utilized to directly enter into any website without having to type in any login details. The app also allows complete backup of its data via any web browsers or via iTunes or your email. Unlike other password manager apps, PasswordWallet utilized Blowfish 448 bit encryption that works faster and also supports touch identification. Create multiple wallets with the app and utilize each one for different purposes, for example, one for your credit cards and one for your social media. 


Keeper Android app screenshot

One among the most organized and professional password managers, Keeper puts all your important data and information into different files and folders and under lock and key. Each file or folder is uniquely organized and can be located by using the search feature. These can also be filtered as per its modified date, date added, your favorites or any file with a particular name. Another great feature is you can send your files or folders with passwords via email to other users who utilize Keeper. This is generally carried out by employees of the same company or big business partners. The app also utilized 256-bit encryption with SOC-2 certification and TRUSTe.