Benefit from the Best Android Download Managers!

We hope you know what a download manager is meant for. This is a software speeding up the downloading process. In addition, it guarantees reliability when you download files from the Internet. Some of the managers are able to get information on current updates and download them automatically as well as they save various files to folders by default.

Still, do we really need a download manager as much as the developers try to convince us?

Someone really can forget about it, but those who download a lot of files routinely or have to deal with large files being away from a desktop will definitely appreciate the functionality of this software. When you are at the place where Internet service is unreliable and slow, you will need some help to improve the situation and use all the available resources. With the download manager, you will make the most of it by prioritizing and arranging downloads. Such schedules allow you to get things done in the best way possible. If you need a particular file to be updated every day, you need a download manager delivering such a function.

Let us suggest you the best products in this category.

Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager application screenshots

This application for Android is available for free being one of the most popular tools for the above purposes. You will appreciate a comprehensive user interface with a clean layout that allows navigating easily. The software is packed with helpful functions. First, it perfectly manages the speed. You can download several files at a time, including very large ones, and the download speed will be really high. It is allowed to use SD cards, which are supported by the app. Benefit from a widget delivering a more convenient user-friendly experience. And here you will not be interrupted by ads.


IDM application screenshots

This application is also free, but you should pay for a pro version with additional features enjoying a very reasonable cost. IDM operates just like any other download manager, but it supports torrents directly. This exactly feature may persuade you to prefer it, of course, if torrents do matter for you. The app allows downloading five files simultaneously and is able to speed up the process to a degree. You can forget about third-party trackers which are blocked by this app.


Checketry application screenshots

Checketry is free delivering all options you can expect of a download manager. This is a newer application without advertisement, which is good for PC users. It allows monitoring the downloads carried out on a PV from a smartphone. You will know which types of files and torrents were downloaded. You will easily cope with all its features thanks to a well-done UI.


MyJDownloader application screenshots

And again we suggest you consider a free PC download manager with optional paid features. It is similar to Chicketry and is marketed with a companion app allowing you to look through downloads on your PC using your mobile device on the go. Though tastes differ, we would prefer the above one. Still, you can try it to benefit from the time-proved and more powerful desktop solution.

Loader Droid

Loader Droid application screenshots

And at last this free software which is old and reliable. We would say that it is one of the best Android download managers if you have no objections to the old fashioned user interface and the fact that it has not been updated since 2016. Still, it provides you with all the needed information and tons of minor (but cool) options like automatically resuming downloads performed at the moment when you connect to data or link replacement which is vital when your allowed link time is out. You can see the connections possible on a per-download basis.

Manage downloading easily!

The above software is the best solution to manage downloads efficiently without many efforts. Even if your browser has such a tool already, you will never regret when you install the additional one with expanded features and more reliable operation. In particular, you will need it if you download files all the time or just frequently.

We believe that the above selection of related applications available for users of Android devices will help you to find your best option. Please tell us about your experience and express your standpoint as to the apps you have tried. Leave your comments below the article and share this content with your friends who may need the information badly.