Bleached hair? Then you will certainly recognize this

Bleached hair looks fresh when you’ve just dyed it. It gives you a completely different look and is the perfect excuse to shop for a new wardrobe. But some things…. These are 12 ‘issues’ that anyone with blonde hair can recognize.

1. Choosing the color blonde was a real battle.

Because, tell me, there’s so much more to it than blondes. Are you going for the platinum blonde bob, or the ash blonde locks? Rather a hint of honey? Or rather a dark blonde colour?

2. Your hair grows far too fast

Before you know it, that dark outgrowth will reappear. And although a bit of a problem is not such a problem, after a while you still feel the need to paint again. That way, your hairdresser becomes your new best friend.

3. Your hair needs extra care

Blonde hair looks great on you, but keeping it up to date costs extra time and products. It starts to lint much faster and dries faster. A conditioner for dry or dyed hair is no superfluous luxury.

4. The styling tools must be in the closet

Your hair will have to endure a lot during the bleaching process, but if you are going to use styling tools as well… I’d rather not. Either you choose a specimen that takes care of the hair (steam with argan oil, for example, will save you a lot), or that straightener really needs to be put in the closet.

5. People like to interfere with your hair

When it was “just” brown, no one cared about your split ends. But now that you’re suddenly walking around with a blonde haircut, you get some advice from them. Sweet of course, but you don’t say anything about their hair tips…?

6. You prefer to avoid water

Because imagine: green hair?! Fortunately, there are plenty of hair products for colour-treated hair that can care for them without colouring green. Think, for example, of silver shampoo. And if you do get green hair by accident, the tomato ketchup trick seems to work well….

7. Sun is not your best friend either

When the sun shines, you put on a hat immediately. Or just stay inside. Do you want to damage your hair even more by walking in the sun? Nope, we prefer not to do that.

8. But now you really look like such a ‘stupid’ blonde.

First of all, blond people aren’t automatically stupid. Secondly: you chose this colour because you liked (and like) it to stand, not because you want to look like a stupid blonde. And really, is that joke still fun? You know what they say: what you say, you are…

9. What colour did you have before?

Actually we don’t understand why people can’t just say ‘gosh, what a beautiful blonde complexion’ and that’s it. There are also people who always want to know what kind of colour your hair was before blonding. Does it matter then?

10. They liked your dark hair better

Well, to be honest, that’s a typical Dutch thing. We like to be honest and give our opinion on everything. Too bad, not for you. You had dark hair for years, now you want something different. And it is your hair so…

11. Your hair changes by the hour

Especially when you’ve just had your hair dyed, you keep looking at it every day. In the morning you were still enjoying yourself and it was the perfect colour, but in the afternoon the honey shade seems a bit too yellow, doesn’t it? Or is that just your imagination?

12. And unfortunately it also breaks down a bit faster

Despite the good preparation and the matching hair care products, it can happen that your hair breaks down a bit faster than normal. Well, you have to do something to change your hairstyle like that, don’t you?

Do you still have recognizable situations for people with blonde hair? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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