7 surprising things that make your hair greasy

Do you have oily hair and no longer seem to care how often you wash it? Sometimes this can be due to a number of ‘logical’ causes, such as the use of too many styling products, for example. Or not properly rinsing out conditioner and shampoo. However, this article lists a number of unexpected and surprising causes of oily hair.

Tip: Are you curious about the mistakes you can make while washing your hair? We have made a list of no less than 14 for you. Read them back in 14 mistakes you make when washing your hair.

1. Your diet is unhealthy

Your diet has a lot of influence on your appearance. Not only your skin, but also your nails, eyebrows, eyelashes and hair benefit from a healthy and varied lifestyle. Make sure you have enough fruit and vegetables in your diet and drink enough water. If you want to work on the health of your hair in a more targeted way, you can eat more vitamin B foods. Vitamin B is found in eggs, meat and fish, but also in wholemeal bread, vegetables, legumes and nuts. On the website of the Nutrition Centre you can find more about specific dishes with vitamin B.

2. You shower way too hot

We don’t do it on purpose, but a hot shower isn’t that good for your skin and hair. If you wash your hair in a hot shower, you stimulate the sebum production of your hair. Because you wash away all the sebum, your scalp thinks it should produce more sebum. So when you shower colder, you can notice that your hair becomes less greasy. And… a really cold shower has even more advantages…

3. Massage your scalp: advantages and disadvantages

Massage your scalp stimulates your blood circulation and gives your hair the nutrients it needs faster. In that respect it’s good to give your scalp a nice massage once in a while. However, it also produces more sebum, so you can get greasier hair through it. In addition, you also lubricate the dirt and grease of your fingers in your hair. So if you really want to get rid of your oily hair as quickly as possible, it’s better to massage as little as possible.

4. Don’t touch your hair

The less you get on your hair, the better it actually is. Every time you go through your hair with your hands, you transfer the dirt and grease from your fingers to your hair and scalp. Your hair will become greasy much faster. Secure loose strands of hair with pins so that it can’t hang in the way. A pony that is a little too long could curl you up a little.

Tip: Nowadays there are steam styling tools available, which not only contain water but also nourishing ingredients.

5. Tying up hair while sleeping

Your hair gets a lot of stress while you sleep. Because you turn your head in your pillow at night, grease and dirt spread out further over your hair. Try an airy tail on your head, so that your hair is tied together. Your hairs damage less easily and spread less fat over your pillowcase (which you can lie comfortably in the next day).

6. Changing the pillowcase more often

Whether or not you sleep with your hair in a bun, you rub a lot with your hair in your pillow every night. If you have a lot of oily hair, it’s best to change your pillowcase a little more often. If you normally do this once a week, try doing it twice a week. Because your hair sees a clean pillow every time, old grease can stay much less in your hair.

7. Cleaning your hairbrush more often

How often do you clean your hairbrush? Probably not as often as you should. Especially if you have greasy hair, it’s important to get those old, greasy bristles out of the brush as much as possible. Actually, it’s useful to remove the old bristles after each brushing session. But that alone isn’t enough. Also clean your brush with a little shampoo. If your brush has a cushion, it’s better to turn the brush around so that only the pins get wet. Then use an old toothbrush to brush between the pins or bristles to get rid of the grease on the pillow.

Do you have a good or nice tip to make your hair less greasy? Let us know in the comments or send an email to our info address.

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